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The first Indigenous Women’s March will be held from August 9 to 13 in Brasilia, where will gather two thousand women from the most different peoples, from all over Brazil.

With the theme “Territory: our body, our spirit”, the goal is to give visibility to the indigenous women’s actions, discussing issues inherent to their diverse realities, recognizing and strengthening their protagonism and capacities in defense and guarantee of human rights, in particular the care of mother earth, the territory, the body, and the spirit.

The Indigenous Women’s March will be much more than the name literally suggests. The proposal is to hold a large gathering of indigenous women: from August 9 to 12, the “National Indigenous Women’s Forum”, which will discuss issues raised during the women’s plenary at the ATL 2019 (Free Land Camp 2019), followed by the Indigenous Women’s March on August 13.

Within the framework of unity and empowerment, the idea is to join the Daisies’ March, an act that brings together women from the countryside and the forest, in a great national demonstration for women’s rights and protagonism, from a new vision of sustainable development and social justice.

The National Indigenous Women’s Forum is necessary since threats to indigenous’ rights are spreading throughout Brazil in the current political conjuncture, which demands an immediate reaction, especially since women are the most affected by agrobusiness, climate change, machismo, and racism.

Besides, on August 9, the International Day of Indigenous Peoples is celebrated, a very significant date that will also be reinforced at the Forum.

The meeting will be held with indigenous women’s resources, support from partner organizations and donations raised here: Your contribution is fundamental to ensure the leaders’ arrival and the realization of the meeting. You can also collaborate by donating miles of travel, food supplies, blankets and mattresses to who’s in Brasilia. More information at [email protected]