We are here, we are for you and we are all one! Dear Pacha Mama, generous Mother Earth, We are gathered here in this act to once again reaffirm our commitment and willingness to defend you until the last of our sighs. On this Earth Day, celebrated every April 22, we...

Mother Earth faces dark days

Mother Earth faces dark days. The world is going through its biggest social, economic and political crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic, which just affects human beings, putting humanity in deep reflection and in resistance for the preservation of life. We...


We, indigenous peoples, organizations and leaders from every region of Brazil, have been gathering for 16 years in the federal capital for our annual Free Land Camp (ATL), the Great National Indigenous Assembly. Due to the need for social isolation imposed by the...

Murders, invasions and coronavirus

The Coalition of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) reinforces what we have been saying since the beginning of this pandemic: the Coronavirus is not the only thing attacking us.

Free Land Camp 2017 Programming

The entire program aims to bring together in a large assembly leaders of indigenous peoples and organizations from all regions of Brazil to discuss and position themselves on the violation of the constitutional indigenous rights and the anti-indigenous policies of the brazilian State.