Photo: Mídia NINJA

Another Guajajara was murdered. Erisvan Soares Guajajara was 15 years old. Son of Luécia Guajajara and Luzinho Guajajara, he was murdered in Amarante where Atibóia indigenous land is located.

The impunity keeps on runnig over many lives and racist speeches on courts keeps generating new victims.

Besides using national force as an emergencial measure, urgently of accurate public policys to access this persecution is needed. We urge for proper public policies and punishment to the deforesters, land grabbers, gold miners and to all kinds of criminials who now feel empowered to invade our territories, lands of our own by right, assured by the Federal Constitution.

We need efficient policys for inspection and the fortification of Indigenists Bodies on the contrary of this set of measurements that awards instead the invasors and land grabbers as the Provisional Measure, which is about landholding regularization in the country – published on the last 10th, or yet this set of measures which dismantles the Indigenists’ and environmentals’ organs.

We need health care policies for the ills and to prize scientific knowledge, our traditions and our tradicional knowledges. We need a singular education for the young people, children, sons and daughters, nephews and grandchildren, more Indigenous schools in our villages. We need investments in PNGATI (National Policy on Environmental and Territorial Management of Indigenous Land) and in policies developed under leaderships of our own Indigenous people.

We will stand fighting until the last Indegenous person stands, that’s how we are doing since 519 year ago. Our lives are public service for humanity. We are the ones who guarantee the air you breath, the water you drink and the balance of the planet’s climate. Without us there will not exist future for humankind. Therefore fighting for Indegenous lives is to fight for those who you love too. This fight is for all of us, it is a fight of gender, race, it’s an environmental fight, class struggles, for human rights for life.