The event will gather about 4,000 women from 150 peoples, from all regions of the country and will continue the mobilizations of the indigenous movement in defense of their rights in the federal capital

Between the 7th and 11th of September, the National Articulation of Indigenous Women Warriors of Ancestrality (Anmiga) holds the Second National March of Indigenous Women, in Brasília. With the theme “Original women: Reforesting minds for the healing of the Earth’, it is expected the participation of about 4,000 women, from more than 150 peoples, coming from all biomes of Brazil, during the 3 days of activities, which take place in the space of the National Arts Foundation (FUNARTE).

“We are seeking to guarantee our territories, those that preceded us, for present and future generations, defending the environment, this common good that guarantees our ways of life as humanity. In addition to being a mere physical resource, it is also home to the spirits of forests, animals and the waters of life as a whole, source of our ancestral knowledge”, reinforces Anmiga’s statement on the march.

The mobilization was carried out for the first time in 2019, and it took place virtually in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The sanitary protocols of the second march reinforce all existing and recommended norms for combating coronaviruses.

According to the organization of the march, the women’s delegations were guided to prioritize the participation of people who had completed their immunization cycle against Covid-19, with at least two doses of the vaccine, or with the unique dose. The use of mask during the activities is mandatory and testing will be carried out upon the arrival of people at the event.

The march health team includes indigenous health professionals in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Collective Health (Abrasco), the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), the Indigenous Health Clinic from the University of Brasília (Asi/UNB), the Health Department of the Federal District with the University Hospital of Brasília (HUB).

Permanent Mobilization
“We state that indigenous women will be on the front line to bury once and for all the ‘milestone thesis’, during the 2nd march of indigenous women”, emphasizes the Anmiga coordination.

Since August 22, more than six thousand indigenous people, from 176 peoples, from all regions of the country, were present in Brasília, gathered in the “Luta pela Vida” camp, which is currently the largest mobilization in the history of the indigenous movement. Headed by the Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (Apib), in association with all its regional organizations, the indigenous people are following the judgment by the Supreme Court (STF) that will define the future of the demarcation of Indigenous Lands and also protest against the anti-indigenous agenda of Bolsonaro government and within the National Congress.

After the beginning of the trial, on August 26, and the announcement that it would be resumed this Wednesday (1/09), the indigenous people decided to keep the mobilization in Brasília and in the territories. Around 1,200 indigenous leaders, representing their peoples, remained in Brasília, and the “Luta pela Vida” camp was transferred to a new location, Funarte.

The group will continue to follow the trial and join forces with the 2nd March of Indigenous Women in a proposal for permanent mobilization.

September 7th will be dedicated to welcoming the delegations in Brasilia, with orientation and testing activities for Covid-19. The National Forum of Indigenous Women starts on Wednesday, the 8th, and the entire mobilization will follow the return of the judgment in the Supreme Court at 2 pm (GMT-3).

On Thursday (9), the March of Indigenous Women will head to the Três Poderes Square, and on the 10th the end of the mobilization activities will count on the launch of the mobilization “Reflorestarmentes”. All activities can be followed on the website: