A week has passed since the arson of Ogusu Apykay in Amambai/MS, the traditional space that Kunangue Aty Guasu helped to build. Violence continues to rise in the Kaiowá and Guarani territories against women, girls, young people and Nhandesys, such as: harassment, physical and psychological violence and rape. There are many Raissas begging for help (for those who didn’t follow, Raissa, the 11-year-old Kaiowá girl, who was raped and murdered by five men and thrown from a height of 20 meters).

Kunangue Aty Guasu publicly demands action for so many crimes committed in Kaiowá and Guarani territories against our bodies. We call on civil society, state agents, social movements, indigenous leaders, indigenous organizations and heads of churches, to together build necessary measures for prevention, security and referrals of crimes committed in territories related to religious intolerance, religious racism, etc, which it is violating our traditional spaces, ways of organizing, being and existing.

[Encaminhado de Caio Mota]
Our cry for help runs through each letter of this document, sent here by the organization of women, elderly, youth, girls and Nhandesys of Kunangue Aty Guasu – Great Assembly of Kaiowa and Guarani/MS Women, and we ask that you send us confirmation of receipt of this email, and share with their networks.

How many traditional houses have already been burned without any investigation of the crime and how many prayer houses will still be set on fire so that something can be taken? How many bodies will still have to be raped for action to be taken? Until when?

Thursday, October 14, 2021, Kunangue Aty Guasu will launch the campaign via virtual kitty, on our platform, to cover the costs of securing traditional spaces and reforesting areas around prayer houses. With these resources collected, it will be possible to purchase security cameras, install alarms, solar panel, power wiring, wifi network, maintenance of the monthly security cost of OGUSU – CASAS DE REZA – CASAS DE CURA – TRADITIONAL SPACES KAIOWÁ and GUARANI. In November/2021, Kunangue Aty Guasu will resume the construction of four more traditional spaces in Kaiowa and Guarani territories, including: Limão Verde/Amambai-MS, Nhanderu Marangatu/Antonio João/MS, Laranjeira Nhanderu I/Rio Brilhante/MS and Guyra Kamby’i / Douradina/MS.

The collective support of everyone is fundamental, both for the security, construction and maintenance of traditional spaces and also the security of Nhandesys and Nhanderus in times of genocide and epistemicide in our history. Vivas we want to stay, and we will always fight. For as long as there is the sound of mbaraka and takuapu, there will be a fight.

This fight is for all nxs! Come with us!

Yours sincerely,
Advice of the kunangue Aty Guasu

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