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We are at the 18th Edition of Free Land Camp (Acampamento Terra Livre ATL in Portuguese), after two years of virtual performance, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in which we lost many of our own. However, we continue with the forces of ancestry, getting back up to return to face-to-face actions with the theme: “Retaking Brazil: Demarcate the Territories and Indigenize the Politics”. This year, we will occupy the federal capital from April 4th to 14th.

We are in an election year in Brazil and to start our journey of struggles, we declare this to be the last year of the Genocidal government. Our “Indigenous April” will be marked by symbolic actions that will show our ability to fight for the demarcation and indigenization of Brazilian politics.

We start from the efforts in virtual and territories places of political and social action, based on our ancestral wisdom, in the care for the people and for the Brazilian territory to say: “yes, politics will be an indigenous territory!”. Our aim is to promote good living, reforest minds and indigenize politics. A joint and democratic way of deciding and leading futures.

We are facing urgent agendas that threaten our lives and traditions. The demarcation of our territories remains as our main flag, so the defense for life against the destruction agenda is our priority.

There is an incessant attempt to implement death projects against our territories and lives. One of the central proposals of the current federal government is the opening of Indigenous Lands for large-scale mining, hydroelectric and large infrastructure projects. Bill 191/2020 is one of the main instruments of this destruction policy, which has been presented as a legislative priority of the federal government since its inception. Although it is still in the legislative process for possible regulation, it is already possible to feel the harmful impacts of mining on indigenous territories. We have seen the contamination of our rivers and the devastation of our forests and entire communities that, when not destroyed or washed away by the toxic mud from leaking mineral waste dams, were left without access to water.

The government’s anti-indigenous agenda is constantly in action, such as the bill 490/2007, which insists on the end of demarcations, on the review of indigenous lands and, nevertheless, seeks to legalize crimes in our Territories. In addition to the projects on the National Congress’ priority agenda, such as: bill 6299/2002 – Pesticides, bill 2633/2020 and bill 510/2021 – Land grabbing and bill 3729/2004 – Environmental Licensing.

We also warn about the trial of the Milestone framework thesis (Marco Temporal) that will be resumed at the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in the first half of 2022. It is one of the most important trials in history, which will define the course of the demarcation of Indigenous Lands.

Indigenous April is the month of the great popular mobilizations of the Brazilian indigenous movement! In this way, we will occupy the capital of Brazil to claim our rights guaranteed in the 1988 Constitution.

Our fight is for the land, for life, for our natural resources and for the sovereignty of the Brazilian people!

Brasília, April, 17th 2022

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